A history

Since 2011, VVM has been a member of CRH, an Irish group with a long tradition in the cement and concrete industry and active worldwide.
Having grown out of the concrete industry, VVM is well aware of the needs of independent concrete producers in order to provide the most appropriate advice and supply high quality cement with optimum value for money.
VVM produces and supplies all classic types of cement based on clinker from the CRH cement ovens in Platin (Ireland).

VVM has 2 cement meal factories in the Belgian territory.


Antwerp (Port of Antwerp)

The meal factory in the port of Antwerp has been in operation since 2002. Production capacity amounts to 600,000 tons a year. 40,000 tons of cement and binders can be stored there along with 80,000 tons of raw materials.


Rieme (Port of Ghent)

This factory was built in 2006 and can produce up to 900,000 tons a year. With regard to storage capacity, there is space for 20,000 tons of cement and binders and 180,000 tons of raw materials.

Both meal factories have an exceptional location with access to the water network with a depth of over 12.5 metres (Panamax class). This means that it is not only possible to load and unload inland vessels, but seagoing vessels can also moor on the quay. As a result, both sites can export cement worldwide or supply raw materials.

From these 2 locations, every day VVM transports cement to its clients in the Benelux and France by silo trucks. With a volume of over 800,000 tons a year, VVM has now proven itself to be a major player on the construction market.