Cementbouw is an intermediary between producers and users of raw materials for construction and has been taking up a leading position in the Netherlands for many years. Its activities involve the trading, production, transport and distribution of powder products such as cement, lime, fly ash, fillers and other binders. Spread over the Netherlands, Cementbouw has many silo parks for the storage and transfer of its products.

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Euroment bv

Euroment bv delivers high quality concrete fillers, such as coal fly ash from coal plants in Germany and the Netherlands and high quality limestone flour. Transport and silo logistics, technical advice and monitoring controls in its own raw material laboratories form the pillars of its marketing concept.
For the worldwide unique concept of certificate concrete in the Netherlands, Euroment holds a large number of certificates.
The specific requirements that are set for fillers in self-consolidating concrete call for extensive know-how and processing advice. Euroment is also a reliable partner in this area.
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