As a CRH Company VVM is committed to the highest standards of environmental management in all of our activities.


The CRH Environmental Policy, applied across all Group companies, is to:

  • Comply, at a minimum, with all applicable environmental legislation and continually improve our environmental stewardship towards industry best practice
  • Ensure that our employees and contractors respect their environmental responsibilities and support customers in their efforts.
  • Proactively address the challenges and opportunities of climate change
  • Optimize our use of energy and all resources
  • Promote environmentally-driven procurement, product and process innovation and new business opportunities
  • Be good neighbors in every community in which we operate.

CRH is committed to investing in a wide range of environmental improvements across all of its activities and countries of operation. Plant upgrades typically include process yield optimization, increased recycling, waste reduction, energy efficiency and emission reduction. This sustained investment program steadily moves us towards best industry practice in all those areas.

Because of the diversity of our businesses, most environmental targets are set at operating company level. In all cases, our aim is to optimize environmental performance.


Sustainability stimulates VVM to carry out product development and innovation.
In order to give momentum to its long-term sustainability ambitions, VVM is a member of the Sustainable Concrete Centre (SCC) within CRH. The SCC is a data pooling and expert study organisation in the area of sustainability and provides support and advice in the development of sustainable concrete-related products and concepts.