As a leading organisation in the cement industry, VVM takes responsibility for people and the environment. Sustainability drives VVM’s product development and innovation. Modernisations include process efficiency optimisation as well as increased recycling, waste reduction, energy efficiency and emission reduction.

What impact do our activities and work processes have on people and the environment? We think about it, but more importantly, we act on it. To keep our ecological footprint as low as possible. It will come as no surprise that we pay a lot of attention to controlling and improving our environmental performance.

VVM strives to act as responsibly as possible. Therefore, sustainability is not an empty concept with us. We see it as our responsibility to provide sustainable solutions and also support our customers in achieving their sustainable goals.

The ongoing investment programme in sustainability contributes to the optimal performance and future-proofing of our organisation.

Safety first.

We cannot deliver quality without paying attention to safety. With us, the two are very close. We place a great deal of importance on safety within our company. Our employees are VVM’s capital and we take care of them. Incidentally, we don’t only look at our employees. We regard the safety of all people performing work under our responsibility as a priority.

Moreover, with regard to the safety aspect, we are supported by CRH, our parent company. Active worldwide. A leader in building materials. And a great advocate of a safe working environment and corporate social responsibility in general. With the main objective: zero accidents at work per year. We give safety training to our employees. We ask them to look out for each other. We continuously invest in our safety culture.