Ever thought of VVM as a new employer? With us, you are part of a local company and yet at the same time part of a global concern. With hard-working colleagues who are dedicated to their job and the company. An organisation that gets practical things right for its employees. A company that pays attention to the safety, sustainable employability and vitality of its employees.

We believe everyone has something to offer. We strive to build a team that represents the rich mix of human diversity. With a corporate culture where everyone has the space to be themselves and make a unique contribution to our team.

The most ordinary thing in the world.

As part of CRH, VVM is a part of a much larger global organisation. Focused on the construction and infrastructure sector and rooted in Belgium and the Netherlands. At VVM, you tackle and you follow through. For us, it’s all about perseverance. Persevering. Because we have always latched on to the challenges that demanded it.

At VVM you will work on the most insane construction and infrastructure projects in the Benelux. We supply our products to a highly valued and large group of customers. From our culture, we simply take on projects and finish jobs as if it were the most ordinary thing in the world.

At VVM, everyone is welcome. It does not matter who you are, what your background is or what you believe.
As an innovative company, we are technologically advanced with great projects.
Together, we pay attention to safety, vitality and sustainable employability.
The practical and administrative matters for our employees are in good order.
We are a solid company that is part of the listed CRH.
We focus on continuous development and look at advancement opportunities, if you want.

VVM is looking for
new colleagues.

Come and work at VVM. Then work at a company that cares deeply about its employees. A company that is technically advanced. A company with a global parent but with a local culture.

At VVM, everyone is welcome. We are looking for people with different ideas and that makes our team better. So if you want to contribute, apply!

Check out our latest vacancies on the Dutch (NL) version of the website.

Would you like to send your CV without any obligations?
Then send it to personeelsdienst@vvmcem.be.